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We are currently on summer brake but school classes will resume soon .
we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.


 Rules of the school

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Rules of the school Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the school   Rules of the school EmptyWed Jan 07, 2009 2:41 am

Here are the rules, if not followed your character will be blocked first time for two days if you brake the rules again then banned from the site.

Follow these rules and we'll get along:

1) NO GOD MODDING. Instant ban if your found doing

2) No racism, keep it under PG-14 unless you go to pm or mark the thread mature ie (mature)

3) No trying to sell things on here, no obsessive unnecessary cursing

4) Respect each others characters, As in not slagging each others characters off, if you have a disagreement come to us and tell us in a PM.

5) Do not try and force your religion on any one or you will be warned then banned.

6) no out of character chat in the threads , please or it will be removed.

7) Follow these rules and you can have fun Role Playing here.

8 ) Be polite let the person you are role playing with know when you are leaving so they are prepared.
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Rules of the school
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