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We are currently on summer brake but school classes will resume soon .
we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.



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PostSubject: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST (About The school)   IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST (About The school) EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 4:32 am

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST (About The school) Xavier-school-pic

The X-Mansion, home of the X-Men and hundreds of mutant studentsFounded in 1963, The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, in addition to being the home base for the mutant superheroes known as the X-Men (see Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Gambit) offered from its inception a curriculum of high-school, college and advanced degree courses in a wide variety of fields. Most importantly, it also offers a specialized program developed by Headmaster Charles Xavier that teaches young mutants how to use and control their powers. Situated on the ancestral Xavier estate outside of Salem Center, New York, the school is also home and haven to its students, its very remoteness providing insulation and protection from a fearful world. However, it is still near enough to town and to New York City that supervised field trips are frequently planned, and students can find much in the way of "normal life" nearby.

the Xavier Institute, was founded in 1997 as a concerted effort to use the universal communication potential of the school's curriculum and community to mutants living around the world, affording them the same opportunities for education and growth that Xavier's students have enjoyed for years.

Mutant students at the Xavier Institute study to become X-Men is divided into departments containing courses. Instructors were selected by Professor Xavier to be the most knowledgeable about and relevant to their syllabus. In some cases, virtual instructors were developed from Cerebro's records when the original lecturers were unavailable or deceased. The result is a learning experience unmatched in the mutant world.

Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) learned to become an X-Man in the Danger RoomLike the actual Institute, has a training facility or "Danger Room" that presents computer-constructed scenarios which provides students with instruction in using and expanding their powers, and tests students' control over their mutant gifts. Students can thereby receive the training they need to protect themselves and those around them from potentially dangerous outbursts of mutant energy. Those trainees with high enough scores may also be selected for placement with the Institute's field division, the X-Men.

the school also strives to create the community and sense of family that are hallmarks of the Xavier Institute among its web-based students. allowing students to reach out to each other creating new freindsiphs and relashansips

History Dept:

1. Historical Archiving - all the archiving of the past threads
2. Short Histories of... - a class with summaries of X-teams'missions
3. X-Overs - crossover writeups and descriptions
4. Quiz's - WE NEED QUIZZES!

Life Sciences:

1. Cerebra's Files - the character bios
2. Mutant Powers - a theory developed by CharleyX about mutations with its associated discussion topic
3. Family Trees - who's related to whom and how
4. Exobiology - writeups on the various aliens and other races the X-Men have met
5. Genetic Engineering - help Emma create her new teacher's pet with a Mr. Potato-head interface. Gallery upload and ratings available

Social Science:

1. Journalism - the news board and archives
2. Current Events - short blurbs about what's going on
3. Geography - under construction - need help - writeups on the places the X-Men have gone to (and what the mission/result was)
4. Living With a Physical Mutation - a presentation by Nightcrawler and its associated discussions
5. Foreign Languages - currently Doopspeak (translations), French (a real course with class ranking) and Japanese (1 lesson). German is a potential new addition

Fine Arts:

1. Gallery - including covers and other images
2. Mutants on Film - writeups and bios of the X-Men
3. Mutant Melodies - Song parodies
4. Fan Art - part of the Gallery, open for submissions


1. Discussion Forum - general discussion
2. Fan Fiction - HTML stories plus a posting board
3. Humor - a subset of fanfic (HTML)
4. Glossary - being revised completely
5. Editorials - editorial columns by staff writers


1. Destiny Prophecies - slightly interactive, mostly informational course about Destiny's journals
2. Thermodynamics - under construction
3. Engineering - writeups on tech, magical weapons and other objects in the X-Universe - need help finishing!!!
4. Temporal Mechanics - writeups on possibility of alternate realities - run by hhxavier

Phys Ed:

1. Martial Arts - writeup of actual fighting styles, weapons etc plus analyses of fights scanned from issues
2. Danger Room - games to hone your powers and combat skills
3. Arcade Games - needs structure and a teacher / TA to add new content
4. Smackdown - board to post fighting tournaments etc plus archives

We are always looking for new faculty and students, so please check out the General Discussion forum to search for open projects, and contact us there.

All together, we at Mutatis Mutandis and the Xavier Institute are committed to bringing you the very best in mutant education. We hope you enjoy the experience.
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