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We are currently on summer brake but school classes will resume soon .
we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.


 Hiding From The MRD

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PostSubject: Hiding From The MRD   Hiding From The MRD EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 9:46 am

Gwen sat inside an old boathouse, breaths coming fast. She sat on her knees for a moment before pushing herself up. The room spun and she colapsed backwards onto her back. She laid there, staring at the holes in the ceiling. "I am going to die," she whispered to herself. "Unless I do something..." She slowly pulled a glove off and reached the gloveless hand towards the plants in the water only a couple feet away. As her breathing became easier, the plants wilted and died.
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Hiding From The MRD
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