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We are currently on summer brake but school classes will resume soon .
we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.


 New age (please join)

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New age (please join) Empty
PostSubject: New age (please join)   New age (please join) EmptySat Jun 13, 2009 12:07 am

A New Age RPG is not your regular Super Hero RPG. It is set in the days of 2018 Earth. A force of Super Villains have been breeded and deemed themselves rulers of most parts of the Earth. The only rebelling parts left is a small part of England, Atlanta-Georgia (USA), and Alaska (USA). The Super Villians were enraged and so attempted to create more super villians to enforce their rule, however the formula was altered and Super Heroes were made. These Super Heroes came in the hundreds, nearly matching the Super Villians. However the Villians still have a powerful military force as well as technology. Which side will you choose?
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New age (please join)
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