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we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.


 peace and my room

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peace and my room Empty
PostSubject: peace and my room   peace and my room EmptyTue May 19, 2009 7:33 am

I threw my bag onto my bed , still looked the same , walking to the bath room a catch a glance of myself in the mirror" I need a shave" i say rubbing the week old stubble on my chin, then i smiled seeing the shower "a shower wouldn't hurt", stripping off i step under the hot water letting it wash away the dirt from the road with a shuck i slid out my claws letting the water drip from the blades "now all i can use is a drink" i mumble as i wrap a towel around me and head back to my room as i turn i see i had left the bedroom door open several kids were looking in , i growl and slam it shut "damn kids"
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peace and my room
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