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We are currently on summer brake but school classes will resume soon .
we are open to all cannon and original characters feel free to add your application and I will view as soon as.

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 Site's I made

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Adaleen Xavier

Adaleen Xavier

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PostSubject: Site's I made   Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:40 pm

Darcy University! A site where you can be a vampire, shapeshifter, or werewolf. The shapeshifters and werewolfs are starting a war, vampires are trying to stay neutral but some are taking sides. The two most important vampire families are in danger of being kidnapped or being used as a weapon. Join a side or stay neurtal, and possibly be killed trying to fight.

Hogwarts School Of Magic! It's 30 years after Harry defeated Voldemort, or so everyone thought, and now that Harry and the rest of the Golden Trio are dead, who's going to defeat the rising DE's?
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Site's I made
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